Use Science To Deepen Your Fascination For Nature And Psychology

If you look at modern physics you are going to find out that the theories about the structure of our world basically say that everything is nothingness. Physical models of matter have revealed that there is no solid core. No solid underlying structure can be found.

I encourage you to read up on the newest scientific models (e.g. the higgs-field that is giving everything it's mass). And when you do that and get to a certain degree of understanding of those theories than you can use this knowledge to enhance your spiritual practice.

Many traditions have the idea of emptiness and nothingness as underlying themes in their teachings. And if you are form the west and grew up with a solid believe in science than you might at first have problems understanding those teachings.

But with the understanding of recent scientific discoveries (the higgs particle has been found at CERN) it becomes much easier for scientific oriented people to relate to ancient teachings and ideas. In my experience this greatly increased my motivation to deepen my understanding of those teachings. It even led me to experience one of my most powerful enlightenment experiences. During a meditation-session I was able to experience a feeling of incredible vast emptiness. A feeling of being reduce to an infinitely small point in space but at the same being all the surrounding emptiness.

What we receive as solid matter is only information interacting with each other, following defined rules. For example why does matter feel solid. If everything is basically empty, why can we not push our hand through wood? It is because on the smallest scales subatomic particles (I also like to imagine them as infinitely small points in space which represent certain properties) interact with each-other and resist being pushed to close together. Like the force you can observe between the same poles of a magnet. Just on a much smaller scale.

And this information between the smallest particles is transferred through the different layers of the structure up until we are able to observe it with some messenger particles like photons or electrons.

I like to compare this situation with the brain: The structure of your brain is much less important to you then what comes out of this structure as an observable reality. Your thoughts and feelings are not on the level of matter anymore. But are created by the most complex interplay of particles known in the observable universe. This transcends matter all together.

But knowing that your direct experience is based on the very structure of the universe and rests on billions of years of particles interacting with each other randomly, should inspire the greatest sense of awe in every human being. Because everyone of us is carrying this greatest miracle and highest outcome of this process between our ears.

Do not let this incredible opportunity slip through your fingers. Use it wisely for whatever higher goal you feel propelled towards.