No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore to us the belief in our own guidance. - Henry Miller 

Freedom through understanding.

Why coaching? Are not all information freely available on the internet? There are countless great talks and podcasts on spiritual topics. You can spend endless hours listening to teachers and reading about spirituality. And that is exactly where the problems start.

Where do you even begin? What is the right approach for you and your current situation? Is it really effective to look around for years to find something that works? The reason I offer guidance is exactly for this reason. I do not know everything about spirituality and I am still learning every day myself. 

What I can offer here though is help in finding the right next step in your current situation. I follow the a holistic approach. I am not committed to one particular practice, I take from every teaching what works and move on if it doesn't. And from that, I have learned to distinguish between the things that deliver true value and the ones that remain hollow promises. 

The coaching follows only a rough structure. I will share with you the core concepts of what I have seen to work for myself and others so far. But you will not get a generic curriculum to follow. My coaching is intensive one on one work. I run your specific story through my own filters and give you very specific advice so you can overcome your current struggles. 

My wish for this coaching is always to your true potential. Wherever you are standing right now, it is likely that you are not seeing what is actually possible for you. My greatest joy in this work is seeing how people transform through the month that we work so closely together. 

You are ready for this coaching if you are no longer looking for another self-help book or spiritual book that promises magical quick results. You have realized that true transformation takes work. This work can be very enjoyable though if approached with the right mindset. And in personal guidance, we make sure that you stay on track and actually make meaningful steps towards your goals. 

What we often forget when we look for knowledge is, that only it's application lies it's power. An idea is worthless in and of itself. But with this very practical coaching, we combine theory and practice so that your efforts start to become effectively channel towards the goal of meaningful change. 

The first call, in which we find out if coaching can benefit you in your current situation, is free. So please do not hesitate to contact me through the message form on the right. The whole program includes 12 coaching sessions, usually one week apart. But this can be adjusted to your own pace and schedule. 

What you can expect from the coaching with me is to:

  • Transcend your current fears and struggles
  • Experience a richer and deeper life through self-acceptance
  • Find your life purpose to do work you love
  • Reveal the illusion of the self and recognize your wholeness in every moment