Our Mind Is Really Our Biggest Challenge

It cannot be stressed enough how much our mind really distorts reality and therefore causes our suffering. To experience reality as it is, one first must master the filters of the mind. And this process takes time. Serious questioning and deliberate exposure to the fallacies of the mind will reveal one filter after the other. Every illusion needs to be lifted separately.

That is why enlightenment is always a long and hard process. The dropping of all ideas is not a state one can achieve in an instant and remain in such a state permanently. Our minds will always bring up filters and ways in which it distorts reality.

If we want to achieve anything great in the world and in our lives we first must learn how to see reality clearly for what it is and not what remains after we have measured it against all of our past experiences, wishes and projections.

To walk along this path of self-discovery is a very interesting journey. Even though it requires the giving up of what one thinks of as the self. All the ideas that you think construct the core of what you are, will ultimately have to take a backseat and be replaced by a more accurate picture of reality. And this process is what makes it so challenging.