Insights from the Darkness

I quit my darkness retreat after 4 days. I could say it was the noisiness of the place that got at me. But really, I am weak. Or my ego is strong. Whichever way you want to put it. Learnt some interesting lessons though.

Ego is a deep entangled mess. Can't see clear. Thoughts get stuck in themselves.

I am just starting out. Many more retreats needed. They are the way to go.

Much deeper meditation than in daily sittings.

Darkness is wonderful for calming the mind. Little movement and exercise sucks though.

Darkness regenerates. I feel motivated and joyful with a more positive outlook on life.

Life is entertainment. Whatever you experience is whatever you wanted to experience.

All forms arise within me.

Existence recognizes it's infinite beauty through experience.

Contrast your life with the alternative of ever-present nothingness. Joy, gratitude and mindfulness follows.

Darkness with fasting is the ultimate stoic exercise. Increasing happiness through contrast.

Darkness will rise within me again. Light will follow.