Decision Fatique - Not Another Piece Of Information

You came across this blog looking for an answers, right?
You opened up your browser because you had some kind of question?
Your curiosity led you to search for experiences of others on the www, experiences you can relate to and learn from.
You want to reach a desired outcome by implementing what worked for others.
This is probably not the first time you use this method. This might have become your new normal.
You have a question or a problem? It surely is already out there, somebody has already lived through it and has come up with a solution. So, clearly, the most efficient way is to look it up.

Information overload? How confusion can help us see more clearly.

This is in fact not only you who I describe, but myself.
I grew up with the internet and with google. When I was younger I still had to use a computer every time I wanted to look something up and do it at home, but it was not so much different than asking google through a smartphone.

What is this new environment doing to the way we think and especially to the way we come up with solutions. How is our creativity influenced and has it changed our decision process?
How can we know what is right for us? Among all the different ways people life their lives and have made it visible through social media?
When do we reach the point where we can say we have read enough in order to make a decision?

How do we discriminate the honest from the dishonest?
Who is stuck in his story because he has created a product around the information he provides?
What resources are worth taking into account?
Can we judge the value of the information by how we feel about the person that is providing it?

You probably think that all of these questions make your decision more difficult instead of easier.
You are right and wrong at the same time. Because the resources, to deal with any deep and meaningful problem in your life, lie mostly within yourself. So you are right in the sense that the search for deep and meaningful answer from others are never going to fully apply to your own situation and is therefore highly confusing and very complex. And you are wrong because you can rely on your own insights to be fully applicable to your current situation.

I guess by the end of this you have noticed what I did here. Instead of giving you another answer or another personal life story you can compare your own to, I leave you with open questions. I hope that you embrace uncertainty and let yourself be guided again by your own creativity. I hope that, the next time you want to look for an answer on google, you pause for a second and remind yourself to tap into intuition and inner intelligence that lie already within you.
That is all we are doing here in all the blogs and videos anyways, we inspire each other and help each other learn faster and to avoid mistakes. But in the end, everyone has to craft his own unique path with it's own unique challenges and solutions. I guess that's why it's called Life.