The No.1 Problem With The Carnivore Diet

With this article, I want to prevent you from unknowingly making bad decisions while on the carnivore diet. Some of the promoters of the carnivore diet do already mention that sourcing high-quality meat is important, but I doubt that many follow that advice. 

The majority of the increased meat-consumption will be coming from factory-raised animals. Paying close attention to the quality of the meat is a necessary step in order to make the diet sustainable for the environment though. Consuming grain- and soy-fed animals is only making our own health and the health of the planet worse. And I feel this is not getting enough emphasis within the movement. 

Making The Best Of Social Isolation

During these times where communities all around the world are struggling with corona-virus infections, social distancing is one of the measures that we decided to implement. That means more time alone for many people. How can we best deal with this situation? Can true spirituality give us a clue whether there are benefits to time alone and the introspection that it facilitates? 

Reasons You Dislike Meditation

In case you do not have a meditation practice in place yet and dislike the idea of extended periods of regular meditation, this article may help you understand why and how you can fix it. 

Focus is the key to impactful meditation
Blissful, transformative states can be achieved by meditation.

Belief and Knowing

We all know the difference between knowing and not knowing. We try to replace not knowing with knowing. Knowing makes us comfortable and not knowing makes us uncomfortable. Not knowing may feel like a flaw in our character. Why do we not know? We should know! Right?