Constructive Desire

Desire is a double-edged sword, it is mental energy that often seems to arise all by itself. It also seems like we only have little control over it. This is the case when desire develops through unconscious thought patterns. We expose ourselves to experiences and objects while we have certain desirable emotions and thoughts. When we have positive thoughts about something, we increase the pleasurable emotions associated with our desired object or activity. 

When observing any experience in pure consciousness, there is nothing inherently better or worse in any experience. But from our personal perspectives, we create, unconsciously, positive and negative scenarios around the immediate experience. This is based on what the experience means for us personally. As such, desire is based on the very positive end of interpretation and is therefore not at all a given. 
Whether the world is perceived as abundant depends on the interpretation

By consciously choosing to remain in awareness throughout our lives and the experiences we encounter, we can indeed also decide what to desire and what not. Before you started reading this article, you probably had some kind of definition of richness. A rich life, filled with the people, objects and experiences you desire. Ask yourself now, how were these desires created? Have you consciously chosen them, or did they have their origin in a somewhat fuzzy past and you do not actually know why you desire what you desire?
These questions are meaningful because they reveal your initial motivations behind your desires. And those will decide whether you will be successful in achieving your dreams or not. Only desires which you fully own and know their roots will eventually give you the emotional strength and energy to persevere through the difficult times. 
Desire is emotional energy which you can use. If you have identified that your definition of a rich life is indeed based on a consciously chosen and understood desire, you can deliberately use its energy to your advantage. Positive desire creates energy out of unconditional love. When you approach your rich journey from a place of neediness, you will not be able to access this energy. It is not a creative energy, it is a limiting energy. When you desire something from the place of lack, your mind is focused on what you do not have. Attention creates attraction. What you focus on, you will attract and the scarcity mindset attracts the state in which you lack whatever it is you desire. This may sound very airy-fairy, but you can actually validate this by simply observing your own internal mental processes. 
You want to be in the abundance mindset to access the positive energy of desire. You approach your rich journey from the standpoint that you and the current moment has all the capacity to actualize your desired states. All the space is already here, there are no restrictions except for the ones we create. But we have to make those processes conscious in order to understand and see through their illusory nature. 
The abundance mindset focuses on what is desired and creating attraction between your current state and the desired one. In order to use this concept for our personal journeys, we have to understand how these mindsets are created. You do not just switch from one to other, just by knowing about it. Just like you do not eat perfectly healthy and exercise when you have just read about their benefits once. You are propelled to do, what you habitually did in your past. To change this needs consistent effort applied over an extended period of time. Depending on the scope of the change, this can be a difficult process to stick to. You can think about your own past and try to get an idea of where you are on the spectrum of scarcity to an abundance mindset. But what is more important is to create a clear vision of where you want to go.

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