The Moment Is Eternal

Time is generated from within the moment. You always only perceive now. But you can't understand this intellectually. In order to realize this, a great shift in your perception has to take place. How do you do this? By letting go of any concept outside of what actually exists right now.

Your concept of time is ever present. You are now actively creating it. Therefore you cannot willingly stop it. But you can fall ever more into the present moment. Over time you can develop your presence. By reminding yourself many times a day to remain in the moment and outside of worries and concept, you will discover the eternal nature of the moment.

One day, when you least expect it, all concept will fall away. It will seem as if the world you experience has turned upside down. But nothing has actually changed. You have just seen through your own illusions.

And so it is with time. It is a persistent illusion. It is a strong concept created by the way the moment behaves. Things change in regular and repetitive patterns. And this creates the sense that there was a past and there will be a future.

But imagine for a moment that nothing is known to you. That you have no concept of days or years. This very moment would be completely unpredictable.

Or imagine that you would experience something so crazy that it defies logic. That moment would be without time. Only the stable experience of daily awareness allows for the emergence of the sense of time.

If from one second to another your whole world would completely change, time wouldn't make sense.

Some of this may be hard to imagine, so just see them as interesting games to bring you closer to the realization that time is illusory.
Believing this doesn't help though. 

The shift has to happen in experience otherwise it will be of no benefit to you. Just like reading a recipe cannot replace eating the meal.

Keep on practicing and inquire daily and the results will follow. Don't stress about it though, once you move away from thinking into being, it does not matter anymore when it is going to happen. Enjoy the process.