How To Deal With Desire

How should we deal with desire in the context of spirituality?

Desire is as natural to our human nature as breathing and eating. This is where we start out when we start to explore spirituality. Desire is the natural way in which our mind creates motivation. Desire makes us do things, get things done and accomplish our goals. At least that is what it seems like on the surface. 

Desire will always be there, as long as you are alive. Through spirituality, the objects of desire will change though. There will be a point in your journey where you realize that external experiences and circumstances do not bring you the same happiness as Truth. 

Your desire will shift from being directed towards the acquisition of certain circumstances and objects to the direct pursuit of knowledge and Truth. Through spirituality, you discover the shortcut to happiness and outwardly it will look like you are no longer desiring anything. But only because you desire no-thing, it does not mean you do not desire. You desire pure being and knowledge of your true self instead.

And this desire in fact has to be very strong if you want to make long-term progress towards spiritual attainment. Only if your desire for the empty, pure being of your true self is stronger than any objectively attainable goal, will you engage in the practice for the long term. 

So. desire is a double-edged sword. Keep a lid on your desires and evaluate before following them blindly. Will that thing or goal really make you happier or do you pursue it out of fear or to avoid negative feelings? Watch how your worldly desires fade into the background as you discover that nothing is more beautiful than you own true nature.