The Difference Between Real and True

We all know what is real, right? But do we know if that is also true? And do we even recognize the difference between the two? Read on to get clarity on what these words are pointing to and why it is so important to know the difference. It might help you in understanding yourself and your relationship to reality better.

What is real? Reality.

Reality of course. All the objects we perceive. They are obviously real. What makes them real though? For something to be real, it is enough that you, the subject, believes in them being real. Things become real simply be the belief we put into them. Sounds too simple? But it's true. 

Every belief you hold is real for you. But only if you are unconscious of the fact that it is a belief for you. Beliefs that fly under the radar are taken for real. That is why we have debates. Everyone is living in a slightly different reality. Reality does not exist as something objective out there, it is what every one of us creates. Consciously or not. 

So, reality is different from what we think it is, but it is real. Many versions of it. Infinite versions actually. An ant has its own reality. Different from yours and mine. But no less real. 

Even our own reality changes over the course of our lives. As a child, the fantasy stories of my favourite superheroes were definitely real. Many other things, which I hold as real now, were certainly not. 

Reality is what you make of it.

What is true? Truth.

Okay, we all have our real reality. But is that reality true? Is it aligned with Truth? No. 

Truth is true independent of who or what perceives it. It is in itself complete and true. We all have access to it. To understand it and get an idea of how to look for it, we can ask: What do we know is true without belief, concept, rational understanding and what we need not debate or defend. 

Who is the only one that could ever experience something?

I am. 

What is the only place where anything could ever happen? 

In consciousness. 

I am consciousness. 

Any experience of anything is experienced first hand, by a me. We call that conscious experience I. Experience, and therefore existence outside of consciousness is impossible. Consciousness is the most fundamental level of reality. A physical universe "out there" is also only a conceptual idea within your conscious experience. 

Truth is the basis or the container for all beliefs. And from belief reality is created. But all realities are relative and therefore not true. 

Truth does not care what you make of it.

True spirituality is the autolysis of all beliefs so that only Truth remains. But Truth and beliefs do not even compete. I can believe many things about my reality and even call it real. None of that even touches or changes Truth. Even this article and the concepts presented here are not true. Concepts may be real, but can only point to Truth. 

Make what you want of this, but don't take it as Truth. You can only be Truth.