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Hi, my name is Lauritz. I am born in Germany, Düsseldorf and this is also where I currently live. Where does the path begin that is worth sharing? By the time that I am writing this, I am practising meditation for a good ten years. Time truly flys. 

When you start out with a practise like meditation, you cannot even see yourself meditating for the next 5 minutes. Your mind screams at you. We are trained to learn and to do, to work and to consume. 

But no one taught us how to be, how to not do and how to listen. To observe the mind that runs wild every time we try to meditate. 

And now I am here, ten years later, having meditated my way through thousands of hours of craziness, calmness, bliss, sadness, anger and frustration. And I am still sitting. Success? Maybe. But probably not in the way we usually define it.

I have been going about my life as well for the last ten years. Early on I knew I wanted to be free. Free of the restrictions of the mind and of the societal norms. There is no way to be free with a monkey mind. That I realized, lucky for me, early on in life. 

I also wanted to be free to choose my own path. To do what I perceived to be the right thing to do. For me and for my environment. But I was fearful, and sometimes I am fearful. But in meditation, I learned to observe. A few years into the journey I stumbled upon lucid dreaming and got fascinated by it. 

My first enlightenment experiences all happened in a "dream", within a dream. I used my ability to wake up in my dreams to ask for spiritual insights. I meditate in my dreams and the possibilities are endless. 

But lucid dreaming also brought me to the practice of all-day-awareness. I knew already that the meditation practice is not meant to be seen in isolation. Meditation is a way of life. Zen-practice is practised in daily life. But I never really applied that until I stumbled upon a method to induce lucid dreams called all-day-awareness. This got me motivated to give it a try and I soon found myself in a different life. 

I woke up within the dream we call waking reality. Meditation is really meant to be practised in all situations. From the spiritual teachings I encounter, I truly miss the emphasis of this. Some emphasize it more than others, but it is usually not at the centre of discussions. I want to emphasize this aspect of spiritual practice because it has been so valuable for me. 

Somehow I got the money thing right too, from the first time that I got my weekly "Taschengeld" from my parents. I always saved a little bit, not all of it, but compared to my friends I always had some money in the piggy bank and later in the real bank. At the time I didn't know why I saved it or for what. 

I never dreamed of anything in particular that I wanted to buy. Today I am thankful for that, because it allowed me to develop interests that do not need much money. And I also never adopted the spending mindset many have today. I see money as a potential. 

You can either decide to invest it or you can spend it. But what does investing buy you? Investing buys time. Our economy is always becoming more efficient. By investing you decide to use those gains in efficiency to buy yourself free time. But what society at large does is the opposite. 

Instead of buying time, the gains in efficiency are filled with greater output. That is ok too. But many people get sucked into it unconsciously. Marketing is very effective at creating new desires for stuff we do not really need. That do not make us happy. Now I know that saving was part of my journey to more freedom.

"We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like."
- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

But true freedom does not come from outer circumstances. We create our own prisons. It is nice to have worldly freedom. It is nice that I have some money to do what I want, but meditation showed me, that the true restrictions are created by my thoughts. 

To this day, I continue to educate myself on spirituality, psychology and philosophy. I love it, but I do not place my bets on any intellectual knowledge. What matters is my practice. I apply what I read, I test what I find interesting and I share what works. This is what I love to do and in retrospect it is true, personal development works. 

But is it not an easy journey and I still struggle with a lot of things. But also know that mindfulness is the tool that I can use to work through every situation. The situations of our lives are true teachers and give us exactly the lessons we need to learn. But they need to be experienced mindfully. 

Otherwise, we miss the essence of the intelligence that shines through in challenging moments. We stop deceiving ourselves but simply observing the deceiver. I let the light of awareness shine on my own deception and all that is not Truth dissolves. True action follows.  

If you have read this far, you may like to work together with me on your personal and spiritual journey. You want to know what enlightenment is about? I like to take people through a 1:1 guided self-inquiry to realize their true self. I offer this for free. Just contact me through the form on the right. 

Whether you feel stuck at some point in your practice or you have no clear vision of where you want to go, in a free consultation session we can find out if I am the right coach for you. No matter if you want me as your personal coach or not, you can follow my blog posts and videos, where I share my insights. If nothing else, it will at least keep you on track. 

To learn more, you can start by reading the articles on this site about consciousness, meditative practices, lucid dreaming, personal development, health, diet and general well-being.

By sharing my personal path, I hope to inspire you to discover Truth for yourself. As this path is a process of constantly evolving as a person, you might find that my views change and that I sometimes arrive at new and differing conclusions.

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