Hikefulness Retreat

I have had many awakenings during extended hiking trips. In nature the mind becomes silent. Many of our concepts that apply to society, do not apply to nature. We can experience a deep letting go. 

Extended hiking trips can be used for meditation and contemplation. This can be practised all day long. In movement, meditation works differently. Awakening to the non-dual nature of reality is a common result.  

On these retreats, you can learn the techniques that worked for me.  Instead of sitting all day, as in regular retreats, combine contemplation and introspection with exercise in nature. Reconnect to your senses, emotions and the natural environment.

The retreats will take place in Europe. The trail will be quite remote and follow through forest and fields. Sometimes we will not pass through a town for a whole day. The trip will be self-supported. We will carry all of our own water, food and equipment.

There will be two types of retreats. In the first retreat, we sleep in tents in the wild. This is the option for you if you want to save costs and enjoy sleeping in nature. 

During the second retreat, we will be spending the nights in hotels along the hiking trail. This option is for you if you prefer the comfort of hotels, a lighter backpack or do not sleep well out in nature. 

Sign up for the waitlist and you will be informed when and where the next hiking meditation retreat will be held.