Online Weekend Retreat
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Host: Lauritz Marquardt


The realization of the non-dual understanding suggests that everything arises as an undividable whole and is self-aware, conscious and alive. Everything and everyone arises from this ground of being. 

Qualitatively this existence loves/accepts unconditionally and rejects no particular thing. In a certain sense, its nature is no-thingness. Shifting into this perspective as an individual means expressing these qualities without resistance in every moment of our experience. This is an ongoing practice and mindfulness is the basis of this practice.

Join me on this online weekend retreat to learn how to shift into the direct experience of the non-dual understanding through mindfulness practices. We will discuss the core understanding necessary to see meaning in this work and get you motivated to engage in the practices. 

We will start the retreat with the direct conceptual knowledge that is necessary to understand the non-dual teachings. By this, you will have the context from which this retreat and further teachings make sense.
Additionally, you will also become aware of the most common traps that people fall into when they hear verbal expressions of the nature of reality. We will explore what true mindfulness is and how this practice can be successfully integrated into every moment of experience. 

At the core of this retreat, we will take a closer look at the fact that nature is inherently undefinable. You will learn how to accept and best deal with that uncertainty, not only in spirituality but in life as a whole. To embody the theoretical knowledge every conversation is followed by a guided meditation.


How it works

All you need to participate is a computer or smartphone from which you can join the Microsoft Teams meeting. Should you not be able to join the meetings live, you will also receive a link to the video recording, which you can rewatch at any time. 

Registration process

To register for the retreat, click on the link below. After entering your name and email you will be redirected to a payment page. After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. The link to join the online retreat will be shared one week in advance. 

Ticket price: 50€

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