Why You Have A Depression That You Do Not Know About

The hypothesis is that the human race is basically driven by its own depression. Our own fear and mental instability is responsible for everything we do. If you do not believe this to be true right now than read on and I guarantee your opinion will change.

The actions of almost everybody, who is not seriously working to increase their awareness, are unconsciously lived out mental habits to but it nicely. But seen with much greater awareness they reveal their harmful nature. They have been reinforced by every action from your first day of life. This does not only play out in very obvious things, like how we interact and talk, but also on levels very few people are aware of.

To show you how deep and maybe even impossible these automatic behaviors are, try the following things:

  1. Try to look at this article without attaching any meaning to the words you see. Can you do it? It is most likely impossible for you.
  2. Listen to a sentence in your mother language without understanding its meaning like you would with a totally foreign language.

These automatic reactions spread throughout everything you experience in life. They influence every one of your actions. The true, direct experience of reality was only available to you when you were very young.

And this disconnection from reality is responsible for all human fears and drives all the self-harming behaviors we can observe today and throughout history. A clear experience of reality does not lead to any problematic behavior. But because we only experience our own distorted interpretations and our projections of reality, this creates unhappiness of various degrees.

True, lasting happiness can be experienced. People who trained their awareness of reality to a point where they no longer react to their mental chatter. They experience no confusion anymore and see that unhappiness, just as any other emotion arises in the mind. Ang they do not exist in the real world. Therefore they can also be changed by the mind itself. With awareness at first unhappiness and depression loose its grip on you and later are even transformed into blissful experience that is grounded in reality.

To get back to the original point: Our mind deceives us in almost any situation. It tells us we are experiencing reality when we are actually not. This creates unhappiness in almost every single human being. 

The lifelong goal of building up awareness is worth every hour invested and pays back tenfold. Because it is the only way to experience unconditional happiness.