Learn about the inner workings of your mind through dream yoga

There is an old Tibetan practice called dream yoga. And in the beginning stages it is similar to lucid dreaming. You first have to develop the ability to recognize the dream state. But from there dream yoga merely starts. Whereas regular lucid dreaming techniques are all about how to achieve lucid dreams and how to control them.

Lucid dreaming generally does not look beyond the dream. It is all about what happens in the dream and how to control it. Seen from the dream yoga practice the dreamer is still in a regular dream, just that he knows that he is dreaming. But he can not see beyond the dream. He is still living out his subconscious tendencies, behaviors and impulses.

Dream yoga is all about discovering how the mind works from a radically different starting point compared to waking reality. From the dream state is much easier to access different levels of consciousness and discover first-hand how the mind creates reality. This ultimately requires to stop dreaming. Because all dreams have their root in so called carmic traces. They are habitual reactions to situations and triggers you experienced many times in your life. Over and over again. And they usually cause reactions we live out unconsciously.

Many people are able to recognize those automatic behaviors of the (usually) subconscious so they loose the grip on them. In dream yoga practice the grip of the subconscious is greatly reduced through awareness itself. After you learned to reach a state, where you can deliberately stop the dream scenery and abide in pure awareness, this practice will erase many of formerly unconscious reactions from your mind.

The deep meditative state you can reach in a matter of seconds during sleep, will accelerate your enlightenment practice and provide deep insights for you. It can also be a strong support for your daytime practice and it will naturally boost your motivation as you see yourself growing much quicker.

But dream yoga has a steep learning curve in the beginning. Reaching a state where you can reliably induce lucid dreams and also remember them in vivid detail, is the most important goal for any new student of this practice.

So in the upcoming post I am going to share with you my journey, how I practice lucid dreaming and what my experiences are so far.

This is a great journey of personal growth and self-mastery. Stick with me on this topic if you want to see your life truly transform in the next month and years to come.