How you can use your degree of enlightenment to better the world

If you consider yourself to be on the path of enlightenment you might have reached a certain point in which you clearly see so many things that are going wrong in today’s society and world at large. And if you are further advanced on the path you clearly see the psychological reasons for the misguided behaviors of so many people. It becomes painful to see the state of mind so many are in.

But because you have likely developed yourself from a similar point of being you also understand very well how one can be in such a state. And it is very likely that you yourself still fall prey to many bugs in your mental operating system. But it will take time for you to reveal those. In the future you are likely to look back at your current situation and see how you are living out those subconscious bugs right now.

But to see through so many mental operating bugs in your friends and family and other people around can be a very tough experience. There is still a good way to use this knowledge to help others and yourself life the best life possible. This involves you understanding as much as possible about human psychology through direct experience. Awareness in everyday life, meditation, self-inquiry work and thorough introspection and reflection.

Do not think of yourself as superior to others only because you have seen through some of those psychological failures. There are likely hundreds more that you share and act out with everyone else. 

Feel compassion for other people even if they act out stupid mental models. Try to explain the situation to them from a standpoint of deep understanding of the psychological situation that leads to such behavior. See were their self-harming behavior come from and try to see those tendencies in yourself. And from there you are able to guide them.

In relation to your overall life strategy, use your insights to live a life that increases awareness in the people around you. Changes in behavior that act against the given norms of society are hard to establish for highly unconscious people. But with a certain degree of self-understanding and degree of enlightenment you can act out of your greatest understanding with great confidence. Many people know intuitively what is right or wrong. But they act differently because of unconscious mental habits, fear and uncertainty.

So stay on the path to enlightenment and try to give the people around you as much of the knowledge you gained with your practice. But this cannot be done through preaching or explaining. It is much easier to act from a more complete and thorough understanding of how your mind works and how we all carry bugs in our mental operating systems.

I challenge you to find as many of those mental viruses as possible and erase them from your life.