Lucid Dreaming Dry Spell - Finding A Possible Solution

A true master of the mind
Lucid Dreaming can be very frustrating for some people. While others have the natural gift of being able to recognize the dream state, some struggle to have lucid dreams on a consistent basis even though it seems they are invest a lot of effort.
I am also experiencing a dry spell at this time. I am not having lucid dreams as often as I would like to have. The last time I had several lucid dreams was about a month ago.

As I am right now trying out different things to break this dry spell, I am going to share with you what I experience and what techniques work for me. I am going to give continuous updates on what worked for me and what did not.

First Possible Solution:
First thing I am going to try is strengthening my intention behind why I want to become aware of my dreams. For me the motivation is to discover the inner workings of my mind and get to know myself through this process. So ultimately I want to use lucid dreams on my path to enlightenment. But to really increase my motivation I need to go to another level. Why do I want to know more about myself? Because as I already discovered we humans are an immensely complex and interesting system. In order to get the greatest satisfaction and happiness out of life I feel it is necessary to master ones psychology. This can only be done with thorough introspection. And lucid dreaming takes away many barriers that usually blur the vision inside of ones mind.

The problem I think is that this goal fell a little bit into the back of my mind. I was more concentrated on induction techniques. But this does not give me enough motivation in and of itself to get myself into the mindstate I need to be in to have lucid dreams. I remember in the past times where I was so super excited about lucid dreams that I would have them every night without even having to use any technique. From that I learned that having a strong motivation and the right intention will greatly increase the chance of having a lucid dream.

In more concrete steps, what I am going to try first is this:
  1. Every night before going to sleep I am going to visualize the purpose of why I want to experience a lucid dream. I try to vividly see where the dream could take me in order to show me what I wanted to know.
  2. Constantly throughout the day I am going to remind myself that the dreaming experience will be just like waking reality and that I want to recognize it as such. I also use an app on my phone to help me and perform a reality check regularly.
So this should help bring up my motivation and break the dry spell. I am excited to share this journey to master lucid dreaming and psychology. I hope I will be able to soon give a positive update.