Morning Sunlight Exposure

With an increased interest in developing an optimal morning routine (which I will share in the future) I found out about the benefits of early morning sunlight exposure from a podcast by

After I learned from his guest Dr. Mercola about the benefits of early morning (real) sunlight exposure on our circadian rhythm I experimented with it myself for some time. It is supposed to regulate the wake-sleep cycle, give you natural energy throughout the day and make your sleep more restful.

Since then I incorporated a short run into my morning routine, where I intentionally look up into the bright sky but of course not directly into the sun. Just so that I can get as much sunshine onto my eyes as possible.

I can now confirm the above mentioned benefits. I felt very awake afterwards and generally more balanced, calm and happy. And this with such an easy and free technique that takes almost no effort and no motivation to do. Just spending several minutes outside looking into the bright sky. It seems to be effective.

Therefore I recommend this simple and free technique to everyone. Especially in the wintertime it is important to catch the little sunlight that there is. Try to spend some time outside just after sunris