Sample day of my vegan one meal a day diet - high fat

I started my meal today with a small apple and a small fresh fig. Those are so delicious. But compared to my diet before where I would it massive amounts of them until I was full, now fruit tastes even better and I can enjoy it in smaller quantities.

Then I cooked spinach, green peas, onion, garlic, cucumber, carrot, curry powder and salt. All together in one pot. After it was done I added coconut cream (which I make from shredded coconut in the blender) and peanut butter. This soaks up the remaining liquid and makes the meal look like spinach with cream. It was very delicious. I ate that with some mustard and some further coconut-flaxseed yogurt. 

I noticed this meal was not so optimal to have as the one meal of the day. Mainly because it was to high in water content and I could barely eat it all. Next time I will go back to cook this kind of meal in a pan and let the water evaporate slowly. 

At the end of the meal I felt more then 100% satisfied. No more food for the day. I ate this meal between 9am-10am.