The Perfect Vegan OMAD Meal

What should a meal consist of, especially if it's the only meal of the day? To augment the purposes of the one meal a day protocol, the meal needs to be designed in a certain way. It needs to be easily digested to allow for quick and efficient assimilation of nutrients.

What is the best One-Meal-A-Day?
Only in that way is the metabolism able to switch back over to fasting quickly. Which is the purpose of an intermittent fasting protocol. In the fasted state the body uses stored fat for energy. This allows for increased autophagy: the regeneration of proteins that lost their function. This process increases the robustness of the organism on a cellular level. Increased health and longevity is the intended outcome.

In order to achieve this I think the one meal of the day needs to fulfill following requirements:
  • limited in calories, as to not exceed digestive capacity
  • foods are to be consumed in the order of their digestion-time
  • to be eaten in a relaxed state and with full appreciation
  • no strenuous exercise after the meal, but moving the body is optimal for digestion
The order of the meal is in my experience also important:
  1. starting out with a nutrient dense liquid drink/smoothie (raw leafy greens and powders, limited fruit, multivitamin and -mineral supplement, ginger, enzymes, sweetener)
  2. taking a short break to allow for full emptying of the stomach (20-30min)
  3. consuming a calorically dense (raw) vegan meal high in fat and moderate in protein and carbs
  4. unblended nuts and seeds should be eaten at the end, as they take the longest to digest

What my meal looks like:

First I prepare a green smoothie. For example:
200gr Spinach
100gr Kale
10gr Wheatgrass powder
10gr Spirulina
100gr Banana
300ml Water

After slowly drinking the smoothie I start to prepare a salad which I start eating about 30min after finishing my smoothie. By that time I can feel that my stomach is empty again. If not, I will try to wait a little more.

The salad might look like this for example:
1 small zucchini, 1 tomato, 1 bell pepper, 1 onion, green leaf lettuce, 4-5 olives (everything cut in very small pieces, the overall quantity is not very much)

Blended-Nuts-and-Seeds-Dressing: (main source of calories)
  • Sprouted Seeds and Nuts or at least soaked (changing daily between a mixture of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, coconut, cacao-powder, peanuts, almonds)
  • Avocado
  • salt
  • sweetener
  • spices (also changing daily)
This meal absolutely satisfying even though I restrict my calories to about 1300-1500 per day. I often find it difficult to finish the meal because of complete satiety. Something I do not experience on a high carb diet.

Here you can read an update on what and how I eat now.