The Switch back to Dinner as my OMAD-Meal

After my two week trial with the breakfast OMAD Regimen I switched back to eating Dinner as my one meal of the day. I immediately noticed how much easier this is to implement into my day. I just have more time to exercise and prepare a good meal in the evening.

I was concerned to get hungry now in the morning. But my digestive system is not looking forward to food in the morning as I have thought. I enjoy fasting again throughout the day. Being more productive and in a clearer mental state throughout the working hours. No thoughts of food interrupt my day and I am not bothered by a lot of food being digested in my stomach.

The downside of this dinner regime is that I do not have an empty stomach when I go to bed. That has a recognizable effect on my quality of sleep. I do not sleep as deeply and do not feel so nicely rested in the morning as I did on the breakfast regimen. Therefore I am experimenting at the moment with different meal compositions and ways to prepare my food with the goal of shortening the time of digestions and assimilation. My theory is that consuming a calorically dense drink at the beginning of the meal and then waiting before eating vegetables might optimize digestion time. In that way the calorically dense foods at mixed with the most digestive enzymes first and leave the stomach faster. The calorically dilute vegetables then have more time to digest, do not dilute the digestive enzymes and do not affect the fasted state as much when they leave the stomach a couple of hours after the meal.

I will post updates on how this affect digestion time and my quality of sleep. The calorically dense smoothie consists of a mixture of soaked nuts and seeds (100-150gr in total), 5gr spirulina, 20gr soy protein, 10gr wheatgrass powder, 100-200gr frozen spinach, 200ml soy milk and sweetener (I recommend stevia or sucralose).

After that smoothie I wait around ½ hour before consuming a variety of vegetables and legumes which change daily.