Water Fasting to Completion - Day 4

Today things got even easier for me. I slept again wonderful and felt more very energetic when I woke up. So much that I put on several layers of clothes and went out into the park to go ice skating. Ut I still ended up getting cold when I was outside. But mainly on the hands.

The experience of ice-skating was nice and I did not feel weak. And it definitely feels good to move around a little and get some fresh air during the fast. In general I can say that my outlook on life and mood has improved in general.

Molded by hardship, animals and man became the beautiful beings they are today...

Hunger wise, I do not have any desire to eat and the thought of ending this beautiful state I am in right now, is not very appealing. I hope it stays this way for several more days.

Towards the end of the day I got a severe pain in my leg for about half an hour. Which got better when I massaged it. According to some people this might be a symptom of the release of toxins. But I am not putting up with any theory here. I will probably never know what the cause was. Another peculiar symptom resolved itself. I had very cold and red knees for years. Before I went to bed, they were intensely red, but in a more light color. Before they were bluish-red. And today the redness is completely gone and my knees look normal again for the first time in years. I hope this will go hand in hand with reduced pain while running. Sadly I do not have taken a before picture. So an afterwards picture of normal looking knees won’t tell you much.

The most enjoyable thing is still lying on my heating blanket and listening to audiobooks, reading and just relaxing. This is also nice about fasting, because it is the only time you can allow yourself to be entirely lazy and do nothing physical at all if you like. No excess food energy that needs to be exercised off… 

I also have been observing a change in my urine. During the first three days it smelled and looked differently. Now it is lighter in color and smells more pleasant. My water intake has probably not changed much. I am still drinking according to thirst. Probably around 1 liter per day.