An insight into truth - from 9 years of researching autoimmune diseases

Since I got diagnosed with crohns disease and colitis, I have been reading and searching the internet for information about autoimmune diseases. I wanted to find out the root causes. In the beginning I was thinking their must be a fix and I just have to find it. I tried many different things and got success from some of them.

Paradise? Maybe for a child.
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Over time I gained an insight, that goes beyond the individual diets and lifestyle-factors. And that is: after you have discovered a truth, there is no way back!

What do I mean by that? 
A lot of the factors in the development of those diseases and many other disease are actually under our control. If want it to be true or not. Many people keep themselves from realizing this become of the fear that they have to drastically change their acquired habits. But once you realize how much you are actually responsible for your own well being, than there is no way to go back to the way you lived before. And even though you can ignore it and continue on with bad habits, it is still not the same anymore.

For example as a kid, I loved to go to a store with some friends, where you could choose from a great variety of different sweets. We would then buy a couple hundred grams of pure sugary sweets each and go somewhere and eat them over the course of the day. As a kid, I could do it, because I did not know anything about how this effected my body.

But if you ignore that knowledge as a grown up and still eat that way, you can't even enjoy it the way you did as a child. That truth will always be lingering in your mind and take from the enjoyment of eating that food which you could enjoy as a child who did not know the truth.

So the main takeaway from this is, that once you learn a truth, it will inevitably have to influence your decisions and it demands you to act upon it. Or suffering from diseases will persist or develop.

I guess this is not what you expected from the title, but I hope it is still valuable, as we all tend to act against our best knowledge from time to time.