Water Fasting to Completion – Day 7

As I did not sleep as much last night, this night was considerably better. I slept at least 7 good hours. Without waking up in between, feeling very rested. But then I fell back asleep just before my alarm went off. Again not the best start into the day. And my motivation to get up was extremely low.  And that is actually interesting to notice. I now see how much of a motivation booster food is for me. Especially when I was eating only one meal a day and ate it in the morning. I was jumping out of bed, because I knew after my workout food would wait for me.
But on the water fast, with probably many more days without food ahead, motivation to start the day is much lower for me.

Working day and metal energy

But as I went through my working day, I felt extremely focused. I work a desk job that is mentally engaging. Putting on some music and working on the tasks brought me in a hyper focused state very easily. Time was flying by much more quickly. I would say this is called being in the zone. And sadly I do not experience it very often. My theory is that fasting (or a ketogenic state?) lowers the level of engagement, required to release positive neuro-transmitters. Or they are generally more elevated. This is also why you do not need to do much. Boredom arises but I still find it easier to handle than usually. I just feel content and happy.

Body weight

As my body weight is probably extremely low, I am wondering how much longer I can go. I am aware that I am probably losing a lot of lean mass. But my experience of previous fasts has shown me that I do not need to fear that. After a fast, the body acts like a dry sponge. Absorbing and utilizing everything with incredible efficiency. Coupled with training, it is easy to gain back a lot of the lost muscle very quickly. Might be worth tracking, for a good before-after comparison.

Mental tip to last you through a long fast

After this days experience, my recommendation would definitely not go against working while fasting. If you are not having a very stressful job, it might even make the fast easier. Keep mentally engaged but relaxed and see the time fly by. Do not count the days and take it day by day. To look at all the fasting days ahead can be daunting. I have found it to be much easier to stay in the present moment and feel the present moment. If you can stand the feeling of fasting right now, you will also be able to do it the coming days. The feeling in the present moment is probably not going to change. Whether you are on day 4 or day  14. Given you have enough reserves left.

Celery juice is good to break a water fast

Mineral Deficiencies?

Today I technically broke my water fast. I am continuing with a juice fast. But not the typical kind where you drink fruit juices. I am having celery juice and cabbage. In minor quantities as well. I will have two glasses of this a day. Amounting to about 50kcal. In addition I will start drinking herbal teas.
The reason for that are muscle twitches. I had them now continuously for several days. I hope they are related to electrolyte imbalances or deficiencies. Therefore I drink the vegetable juices throughout the day. In the hope that they will supply some minerals.