Water Fasting to Completion – Day 6

This day was actually more difficult mentally. I was reading negative things about long term fasting on the internet and obviously started doubting my approach. I was thinking about quitting it before hunger returns. Or if I should switch to juice fasting, etc. 


But I am determined to do this experiment and also complete it. I have now been through the hardest part. If I quit now I would regret it later, because I do not know what it could have done for me.
If I want to be successful, I have to find a way to deal with the boredom. Just getting my thoughts away from food. If I fall into the trap of eating out of boredom, I have not broken with my previous habits. They have already improved on the one meal a day diet. But I would be going back to regular smaller meals first. In order not to overtax my digestive system after it has been resting for so long.

Digestion and sour stomach

My stomach is still not shut down completely. This is annoying. Many other fasters mention that they do not feel any hunger in the stomach after day 2 or 3. But for me I still get the regular sour feeling.
My explanation for this is that bile is expelled into the stomach to release toxins from the liver. And this starts the process of digestion. I can also feel that some matter has accumulated in my large intestine. But it is too small to trigger a full bowel movement. So I would like to get rid of it before it hardens up too much. But I do not want to take a laxative again. I am going to buy an enema and try to get of it that way. As one of my goals is to get rid of hemorrhoids through the process of water fasting, passing a hard stool at the end of it, might be counterproductive.

Sleep and energy levels

I did not sleep very long this night. 4-5 hours at most. And felt tired therefore in the morning.

Energy levels are generally more even. Without food demanding energy for digestion there are no ups and downs during the day. This can make it more pleasant for some. Or more challenging for others. If you are tired at times, where you can relax that is a welcome and worthwhile feeling. You do not have to think about what to do, when you do not have enough energy anyways. Having the same (high) energy all day long gives much more room for boredom and requires more creativity on your part ;)