The Awakened Mind

How can I attain awakening?

It's in the simple process of discovering how everything is Mind. Look in your experience how everything has awareness as its basis. It's not the discovery of something new. It is seeing clearly after the lenses of perception have been cleansed. Cleansed of what? 

How does anything become not-mind? When you believe the content of your conceptual thoughts. A thought enters your mind, and instead of seeing its reality, you only see its content. And you believe it. 

See the substance of your conceptual thinking. And discover the more subtle layers of the conceptualization of your mind through consciousness work. Train your focus and one-pointedness in meditation. For the most subtle layer of your belief system to be revealed. 

Carefully contemplate every one of your experiences. This is not another intellectual process. It is not more conceptualization. It is the state of continuously being connected to your true nature. That which is pure, empty and silent awareness. Seeing all experience arising in, from and as that. 

In that state of contemplative awareness, all illusory truths coming from the content of conceptual thinking, are slowly revealed. They dissolve and are slowly but surely seen for what they are. They merge back into the ______ from which they have arisen. No-mind is revealed as everything becomes Mind. 

Awakening is inevitable. Finally, it is seen that everything that ever is or has been is Truth, Oneness, Mind, God, Ohm. Yet in relative terms, clarity needed time to reveal itself. In words and concepts, Truth will always remain paradoxical.