Combination of Meditation and Dreaming – a Lucid Dreaming Experience

Have you ever tried to meditate in a lucid dream? I tried it out several times already and I every time I am fascinated by the effect it has. So let me tell you about some interesting sleeping meditation session I had.

Dreaming of Meditation #1:
I remember vividly this first time I tried out to sit down in a meditation posture while dreaming. I became aware that I was dreaming. And instead of pursuing some fun activities, I remembered my goal of wanting to meditate. So I quickly did some exercises to ground myself in the dream and make it more stable and vivid. Looking at my hands from both sides – check. Screaming something out loud – check. Listen to the sound of my hands clapping – check. Feeling my whole dream body – check. Smelling something – no check. Doesn’t matter, I sit down and close my eyes.
Where there has just been a dream there is now only darkness. I feel my breath with a very deep focus. Automatically a question pops up in my mind. What the fuck am I? What is this miracle I call universe, existence, creation or god…
I hear someone answering that I feel is not me. This voice seems to control also what images arise behind my closed dream eyes. I see the universe in it’s superstructure. Quickly my view zooms into that image. Galaxies fly by. Galaxy-level. Stars fly by. Solar-system-level. I see the earth, I see where I live, my house and then right into my dreaming body. The voice says: you are it, you are the whole of creation.
I wake up in awe and fascination.

Dreaming of Meditation #2:
This other dreaming meditation-session I remember does not serve as such a good story as the first one. But it felt equally as meaningful. It started out similar. I stabilized the dream and got into a meditative posture. I quickly found myself being out in space again. Slowly drifting by a beautiful, detailed, crispy clear planet.
But then I got shocked by a force pulling me back and out of this scenario. It pulled me away further and further and I could not see where it was taking me. But then the feeling of backwards acceleration stopped and I found myself pulled back so far that nothing remained. Emptiness surrounded me and everything was calm again. I do not know for how long I rested in this pure awareness. It was completely empty of any thought.
I perceived this as a kind of forced silence. No one prepared me for being stripped of all existence. All memories gone. Just a slight sense of who I was remained. So I would not call this a clear light dream. But maybe something similar. Or not at all.