The Downside Of Wanting To Be Fast

Our whole economy is about efficiency. We want to do things in less time. Everything has to be done as quickly as possible. Time is money. But what is the cost of the thinking that things have to be done faster?

The Moment Is Eternal

Time is generated from within the moment. You always only perceive now. But you can't understand this intellectually. In order to realize this, a great shift in your perception has to take place. How do you do this? By letting go of any concept outside of what actually exists right now.

There is no such thing as an absolutely True thought

Contemplation is a technique for the generation of meaningful insight. The results form contemplation are very different from intellectually understanding something. It is also different from looking up an answer and then being content with it. 

Looking up answers
Insights cannot be looked up.

As a society today we are used to finding every answer through google on our smartphones. But relative, rational answers leave us without the deeply satisfactory "aha"-moments when our minds have seen through a question on their own. 

All You Are Trying To Understand Is Yourself

Are you on the spiritual path to knowing who you are? Have you asked the question: what is this all about? Maybe you are trying to understand the world and find an answer to the biggest question one can ask. You can find the answer when you understand, that all you are trying to understand is yourself. 

The Multiplicity Of Paths To Spiritual Awakening

The following interview gives a great insight into the nature of the spiritual path. There is a multitude of possible paths that can lead to enlightenment. 

It is interesting to note that they all agree on the highest truth, the emptiness or non definable presence of your highest self, which is beyond all form.

I highly recommend you listen to this interview and let it open your mind to other paths besides the practices you have currently chosen. 

Bring Joy Into Your Practice

Have you been meditating for a while? Have you settled into a routine and meditate a certain amount of time daily? If this is the case, you may also find that your practice has become a little stale. The meditative practices you apply are always the same and you are not really excited about them anymore. 

In this article, I want to explore how you can bring joy back into your practice and give it a positive quality. This way your practice can become something you look forward to every day.